I do translations from English and French to Swedish, proofreading and text editing.

I have a diploma in Translation Studies and Literary Translation, and a M.A. in French. I also studied Hotel Management, Sociology, History of Ideas and Literature (specializing in French 9/11 fiction and Québec Literature).

Much of my work experience consists of translating EU texts, principally from English, but I go more and more towards literary texts. I have translated several poems by Isabelle Baladine Howald and the epic poem Les Indes/The Indies by Edouard Glissant, the novella Marcelle by Simone de Beauvoir as well as Cahiers de la guerre/Wartime Notebooks by Maguerite Duras and the novels Il pleuvait des Oiseaux/And the Birds Rained Down by Jocelyne Saucier and Le Froid modife la trajectoire des poissons/Fish Change Direction in Cold Weather by Pierre Szalowski. I also translated Déclarons la Paix by Dalai Lama & Stéphane Hessel.

In 2015, the anthology Kanada berättar – Minne av vatten ut (Tranan) was published, where I have compiled (contemporary) short stories by 25 Canadian authors and translated them (from English and French).


The following authors are presented, many of them for the first time in Swedish: Samuel Archibald, Edem Awumey, Marie-Claire Blais, Joseph Boyden, Austin Clarke, Lynn Coady, Nicolas Dickner, Mavis Gallant, Douglas Glover, Barbara Gowdy, Sheila Heti, Suzanne Jacob, Nancy Lee, Alistair MacLeod, Pasha Malla, Lisa Moore, Taqralik Partridge, Gilles Pellerin, Marie Hélène Poitras, Monique Proulx, Élise Turcotte, Guy Vanderhaeghe, John Vigna, Mélanie Vincelette, Deborah Willis.


The launch in Stockholm May 2015, with Lisa Moore and Mélanie Vincelette.


If you want me to help you with your text or if you have any questions, please contact me using the form below,  by email: magdalena.sorensen@gmail.com or on skype: magdalenasorensen.



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